Biblio Charitable Works (BiblioWorks) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to promoting literacy in education in Bolivia. Its work primarily centers around the construction and supply of rural libraries.

BiblioWorks was founded in 2005 by as a sustainable model to support its efforts in Bolivia. It works closely with the NGO, C.E.S.A.T.CH., the U.S. Embassy, and the Bolivian government's library division, El Banco del Libro, and the Peace Corps to achieve its goals.

Since its inception, BiblioWorks has built or contributed to libraries in the following pueblos, all in the department of Chuquisaca:

  • Morado K'asa (2005)
  • Presto (2006)
  • Patacón (2006)
  • Sopachuy (2007)
  • Villa Serano (2007)
  • Yamparáez (2007)

Mission Statement

Biblio Charitable Works, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to provide communities in need with tools and resources to develop sustainable literacy and education programs through funding and book and material donations for schools, libraries, and cultural institutions.

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