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The International Bible Society (IBS), based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a Christian organization, which translates and distributes the Bible. They state that their goal is to "reach as many people as possible with accurate, readable, understandable translations of the Bible". It was founded in New York in 1809 as the New York auxiliary office of the British and Foreign Bible Society. It became known as the New York Bible Society and changed its name to the International Bible Society in recent years.

To date, IBS has translated and published Scripture—directly and in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators—in more than 600 languages.

IBS distributes resources for "Scripture-based" evangelism and discipleship worldwide.


IBS, both independently and in partnership with churches and other ministries, provides Christian resources to numerous cross-sections of society around the world.

Beliefs about discipleship

IBS claims that leading people to Christ through Scripture is only the first step in a process. The second step, they say, is to facilitate spiritual growth in the Scriptures through discipleship. IBS participates in numerous initiatives intended to aid in what they call the discipleship process and ultimately produce "disciple makers."

The IBS South Asia and IBS India has pioneered the work of selling Bibles in India in the general Book market by its subsidiary called "Growthinc India Publishing Pvt.Ltd",Kochi. Their primary responsibility was to widely market,distribute and promote NIV and other Bible versions through a network of partnership bookstores,departmental stores and e-commerce. They ensure the continuity of providing low cost Bibles and Scripture portions for evangelism, discipleship and outreach.They were governed by IBS India and SA from its inception in April 1, 2003 till its dissolution in March 31, 2008. In 5 short years they have attained large sales voulme in India, which no other Christian book publisher could come near.

In addition to selling Bibles, the Society has commissioned a number of Bible translations, including the English-language New International Version, the New International Reader's Version, and the Spanish-language Nueva Versión International, and the Russian-language Slovo Zhizny.

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