Bhatia (caste)

Bhatia (caste)

Bhatia is a caste of kings originating in Sindh Province and Rajasthan. They are mainly found among Gujjars, a majority of whose members follow Hinduism.


Bhatias trace their blood line in the Mahabharata and before it too as Kshtriya clan. Thea are an enterprising, innovative Race- in Marien, Factories, Mills, Business, Social- doctors, Engineers, Indian Arm forces; see History of the Bhatias -- Their features are beautiful and tall.They are also setteled in UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Types of Bhatias

Among the known varieties of Bhatias, there are Kutchi,[Sindhi]], Halai,Kanthi, Navgam,Pachisgaam, Thattai, and Punjabi. Bhatias from Kutch are Kutchi Bhatias, those from around Jamnagar district are known as Kanthi Bhatia, those from Sindh (in present day Pakistan) are known as Sindhi Bhatias,and those from Punjab (in present day India & Pakistan) are known as Punjabi Bhatias. A large number of Punjabi Bhatias(a clan of Gujjars) is setteled in Pakistani Punjab, they all migrated from Indian Punjab in 1947. Among Sindhi Bhatias, many are further identified from their place of origin (e.g. Hyderabadi, Thattai, Nasarpuri Bhatias,).To explain that a further people from the town of "Thatta" are called "Thattai".Most Sindhi Bhatia's have made their mark across India, Gulf, Southeast Asia and so on.

Bhatia's are considered to be Mair Rajputs or Sikh Rajputs in Plains of Punjab

Thattai Bhatias

Thattai Bhatias are the followers of Vallabh Acharya. He put forward a way to worship Sri Krishna. His way to worship is called Pushtimarg. They are strict vegetarians who do not eat even onions and garlic and are devoted to Srinathji, The child form of Sri Krishna. There main place of pilgrimage is Nathdwara situated 48 km north east of Udaipur in Rajasthan, on the banks of the Banas River. Many of the Thattai Bhatias are settled in Gulf countries for their search for new business opportunities.

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