Beth Landau

Beth Landau

Beth Landau (born November 1967 Memphis, Tennessee) has produced documentaries such as 1999's Does Life Get Better After 30?.

She spent her childhood in Memphis, Tennessee in the 70's, in Dallas, Texas in the 1980s, and then back to Memphis. Landau graduated the University of Texas at Austin. She traveled all over the globe, participating in various foreign exchange programs, before moving back to Dallas for a short time. Ms. Landau then settled down in the Village (in NYC) before marrying Andy Breckman (see below) and moving to Madison, a small suburban town in New Jersey.

In May 2002 she organized a trip to Memphis for New York City firefighters in gratitude for their service in the September 11 attacks. This trip was the subject of a story in the October 15 episode of This American Life, "Middlemen", and resulted in her being the recipient of one of the New York Post's Liberty Medal Awards in 2003.

She is the second wife of Andy Breckman and appeared briefly on Monk, a television show he produces, in the fourth-season episode "Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk". Her name was used as that of the murdered girlfriend of a science teacher in an episode from Monk's second season.

Ms. Landau (who retained her maiden name) has two children: Molly Breckman, born September 7th, 2005, and Evan Breckman, also born in September, of 2006. She has three stepchildren from her husband Andy's previous marriage: Josh and Rachel, both in their early twenties, and Julie, 18.

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