Bermuda high

Bermuda High School for Girls

The Bermuda High School is a school in Pembroke, Bermuda. It is an all girls academic School. This school is for ages 5-17, offering the IB programme. It is also a Round Square School and offers the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The Bermuda High School is hosting the Young Round Square of the Americas (YRSA) conference in 2007.

The Torch Barrier Ceremony and Old Girls Day is a yearly ceremony that takes place every year as current students and "old" girls (alumni) gather together in a sprial circle in order of youngest to oldest. The Head Girl walks through the spiral carrying the school's torch. Each girl touches the torch with their right hand as she passes by signifying the "passing of the torch". The first ceremony was in May 1937 and is always on a Thursday. The ceremony is carried out in complete silence as the torch barrier walks the torch around the continuous spiral.


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