Bering, Vitus

Bering, Vitus (Jonassen)

(born 1681, Horsens, Den.—died Dec. 19, 1741, Bering Island, near the Kamchatka Peninsula) Danish-born Russian navigator. He joined the fleet of the Russian tsar Peter I and in 1724 was appointed leader of an expedition to determine whether Asia and North America were connected by land. In 1728 he set sail from the Kamchatka Peninsula of Siberia and passed through what would later be named the Bering Strait. His plan for a second expedition was expanded into Russia's Great Northern Expedition (1733–43), which mapped much of the Arctic coast of Siberia. After exploring the Alaskan coast, he fell ill from scurvy and died after his ship was wrecked. His exploration paved the way for a Russian foothold in North America.

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Bering can refer to:

  • Bering Glacier, a glacier in the U.S. state of Alaska
  • Bering Island, located off the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Bering Sea
  • Bering land bridge, a former land bridge that joined present-day Alaska and eastern Siberia during the Pleistocene ice ages
  • Bering Sea, a body of water in the North Pacific Ocean
  • Bering Strait, a sea strait between Russia and Alaska
  • Bering Truck, a former United States manufacturer and distributor of trucks
  • Vitus Bering (1681–1741), a Danish-born navigator in the service of the Russian Navy

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