Bergenshalvoens Kommunale Kraftselskap

Bergenshalvøens Kommunale Kraftselskap

Bergenshalvøens Kommunale Kraftselskap branded as BKK is a Norwegian power company based in Bergen. BKK is owned by Statkraft (49.9%), Bergen municipality (37.8%) and 16 other municipalities between Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. It performs production and distribution of electricity, while end-user sales is performed by Fjordkraft, that BKK owns along with Skagerak Energi. Annual production is 6.6 TWh produced at 29 hydroelectric power plants.


BKK is the second largest power grid owner in Norway (after Hafslund) with 180,000 grid customers. The company also offers burglar alarm, broadband, cable television and VoIP telephone services as well as the district heating system in Bergen. The main office is located in Bergen. BKK also holds partial ownership of the power companies Sogn og Fjordane Energi (38.51%) and Sognekraft (44.44%).

The power stations operated by BKK include Dale, Evanger, Fana, Fosse, Fossmark, Frøland, Grønsdal, Hellandfoss, Herlandsfoss, Hommelfoss, Kløvtveit, Kollsnes cogenereation plant, Kvittingen, Lundsæter, Matre, Myra, Myster, Møllefossen, Nygård, Oksebotn, Osvatn, Rådal biogas plant, Steinsland, Stend, Takle, Trengereid, Tøsse, Ulvik, Vemundsbotn, Åsebotn.

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