Berga is the capital of the comarca (county) of Berguedà, in Catalonia. See also List of municipalities in Barcelona.

La Patum

Berga is perhaps most famous for its traditional festival of "La Patum", a celebration which occurs every Corpus Christi (feast), lasting for five days.

See also List of municipalities in Barcelona.


Berga derives its name from the Bergistani, an Iberian tribe that lived in the area before the Roman Conquest. The Bergistani were first subdued by Hannibal in 218 BC. They rebelled twice against the Romans and were twice defeated; after their second uprising, much of the tribe was sold into slavery. Livy mentions their principal town,"Castrum Bergium" which was likely the precursor to the modern town of Berga.

Berga was ruled by viscounts in the Early Middle Ages and it had its own counts from 988.

Berga was sold to king Peter II of Aragón in 1199.

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