Berchemia scandens


Berchemia is a genus of plants in the family Rhamnaceae, named after Dutch botanist Berthout van Berchem. They are climbing plants or small to medium-sized trees that occur in Africa, Asia and America.

Selected species

  • Berchemia lineata (L.) DC.
  • Berchemia longeracemosa Okuyama
  • Berchemia microphylla
  • Berchemia nana W.W. Smith
  • Berchemia pakistanica
  • Berchemia pauciflora
  • Berchemia philippinensis
  • Berchemia polyphylla
  • Berchemia pubiflora
  • Berehemia pyenantha
  • Berchemia racemosa
  • Berchemia scandens (Hill) K. Koch – Alabama supplejack, Rattan vine
  • Berchemia sessiliflora
  • Berchemia sinica
  • Berchemia volubilis A. DC.
  • Berchemia yunnanensis
  • Berchemia zeyheri – Red Ivory
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