Benevolent Despotism


Enlightenment may refer to:

Spirituality and religion


  • Age of Enlightenment, period in Western history and its corresponding movement
  • Scottish Enlightenment, period in 18th century Scotland
  • American Enlightenment, intellectual culture of the British North American colonies and the early United States
  • Enlightenment in Poland, ideas of the Age of Enlightenment in Poland
  • Catholic Enlightenment, movement within Catholicism to find answers to the secularism of the Enlightenment
  • Russian Enlightenment, a period in the eighteenth century in which the government in Russia began to actively encourage the proliferation of arts and sciences
  • Enlightenment Spain, Bourbon period of reform and 'enlightened despotism'
  • Counter-Enlightenment, movement that arose in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries in opposition to the eighteenth century Enlightenment
  • Diafotismos, The Modern Greek Enlightenment, movement among 18th century Greeks
  • Haskalah, Jewish Enlightenment, movement among European Jews in the late 18th century


Film and television



Philosophy and politics


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