Beneto is a fictional character from the Saga of Seven Suns series of novels by Kevin J. Anderson.


Beneto was the second-born child of the Father and Mother of Theroc, and thus was destined to become a green priest. Generally caring and curious, Beneto made a good green priest whilst serving as a guardian for his younger sister, Estarra. He served as the green priest on the observation ship at the use of the Klikiss Torch at Oncier, but resumed his duties on Theroc once the experiment had been deemed a success. He later departed from the mainstream human race to reside on the remote world of Corvus Landing. Beneto was killed by a Hydrogue assault on Corvus Landing, but managed to warn everyone of the attack through the Telink. As Beneto's physical form was destroyed, his essence was stored by the Verdani, who later manufactured a wooden golem for Beneto to inhabit.

After his rebirth, Beneto retained all of his memories and emotions, yet seemed more distant from the world around him. Over time, he grew to embrace being reunited with his friends and family, telling them of the battle plans of the Verdani. Shortly after the arrival of the treeship armada, Beneto worked with Jess Tamblyn of the Roamers to merge Worldtrees with Wentals and create an additional fleet of treeships. Beneto then became the willing pilot of a treeship, permanently merging his body with the titanic battleship. After a tearful goodbye to Celli, he and the Verdani fleet set off around the Spiral Arm to help annihilate the Hydrogues. Beneto himself led a cavalry force to Earth, assisting the remnants of the EDF and Ildirans in fighting the Hydrogues and Klikiss robots. During the battle, Beneto helped Estarra, Peter and OX escape harm by hurling them away from the battlefield.

After the battle at Earth, Beneto returned to Theroc with the remaining treeships where they planned on leaving on another re-seeding expedition; however, after Basil Wenceslas ordered Admiral Sheila Willis to Theroc to bring the "rebel" Confederation heel, Beneto, nine other treeships, and a few hundred recently refitted Roamer ships returned to protect Theroc from the fleet that sent to attack Theroc and detain King Peter and Estarra.

Once the Faeros incarnate Rusa'h began his attack to infect Verdani with young Faeros, infected Beneto took himself and the afflicted Worldtrees into a nearby blackhole thus stopping the threat posed to the rest of the Worldtrees on Theroc.

Appearances/ Sources

  • Hidden Empire
  • A Forest of Stars
  • Horizon Storms
  • Scattered Suns
  • Of Fire and Night
  • Metal Swarm
  • The Ashes of Worlds
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