Benedictum is an American heavy metal band formed in 2005 in San Diego, California. Their current line-up consists of vocalist Veronica Freeman, guitarist Pete Wells, bassist Jesse Wright, keyboardist Chris Morgan, and drummer Paul Courtois. Since their formation the band released two studio albums, the debut Uncreation in 2006, followed by Seasons of Tragedy in 2008, both through Hicksville-based label Locomotive Records.



Benedictum was formed originally as Bound by vocalist Veronica Freeman and guitarist Pete Wells in San Diego, California in 2005. The two founding members were previously in the band known as Malady for over ten years. Freeman and Wells recruited the drummer Blackie Sanchez and keyboardist Chris Morgan. After the addition of Sanchez and Morgan, the group produced a three-track demo with the aid of producer Jeff Pilson, who also contributed playing bass guitar. In late 2005, they signed a record deal with US label Locomotive Records.

After signing with Locomotive Records, Benedictum entered in the studio to record their debut album with production by Jeff Pilson and mixing by Pilson and Tommy Henriksen. The band recorded eleven songs including two Black Sabbath′s covers for "Heaven and Hell" and "The Mob Rules". Uncreation was initially due to be released in October 17, 2005, but was delayed to January 20, 2006, according with statement of vocalist Veronica Freeman:

While we were all really looking forward to having Uncreation in stores this year rather than next this move is actually better are all parties involved. This is our inaugural release, which makes it all the more important that things are set up properly. Pushing the album back to January gave us a chance to tweak a few things and is giving the staff at Locomotive more time to put everything in motion. As they say, everything happens for a reason, so it's all good.

Allmusic reviewer Stewart Mason stated "Singer Veronica Freeman has a powerful, hectoring voice, similar at times to Grace Slick's potent bellow from the Jefferson Starship days, and keyboardist Chris Morgan prefers to add subtle coloration and powerful drone parts rather than lame Keith Emerson-style twiddling.


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  • Blackie Sanchez – drums


  • Veronica, Blackie and Chris are former members of a Dio tribute band called Evilution. That is one the reasons for their Dio cover of "Rainbow in the Dark" on their demo and "The Mob Rules" and "Heaven and Hell" on Uncreation, both Black Sabbath songs from the Dio era.
  • In the song "The Mob Rules" on Uncreation, Jimmy Bain (former Rainbow and Dio member) plays as a guest.
  • Also in the "Valkyrie Rising" song on the same album Craig Goldy from Dio is guested.
  • Their producer Jeff Pilson is the former bassist of Dio, among other active and non-active bands.

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