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The surname Bender derives from both British and German origin. In England it derives from old Benden or Benbow. In Germany it is a form of Fassbinder or Cooper. It is an occupational name in both English and German forms.

Art, music, film, television and radio

  • Aimee Bender, American novelist
  • Darren Bender
  • David Bender, political activist and host of the radio show "Politically Direct" on Air America Radio
  • Dawn Bender (born 1935), American film, stage, and radio actress
  • Hank Bender, Irving, Texas-based trucker and syndicated advice columnist
  • Hy Bender, author
  • Jack Bender, American film and television director
  • Lawrence Bender (born 1958), Hollywood movie producer
  • Lionel Bender (1934-2008), American expert in Northeast African (especially Ethiopian) languages
  • Arik Bender, Israeli journalist. Parliamentry reporter with Maariv daily newspaper.
  • Stephen Bender, American actor
  • Steve Bender (1946–2006), German musician and record producer, formerly of the group Dschinghis Khan
  • Ted Bender (born 1925)
  • Tim Bender, American drummer for the hardcore punk band, Death by Stereo

Military and politics








  • An expression for a Binge drinking spree, referring to the act of bending over to vomit, or now used also for going on a legal or illegal binge drug spree, such as large use of cocaine or heroin in short amount of time.
  • Former British slang for a sixpence
  • A derogatory British slang for a male homosexual, derived from the practice of bending over to permit buggery.
  • An expression used in hockey for a player who can't skate, as his ankles cave or bend in.


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