Bendel State

Delta State

Delta State
State nickname: The Big Heart
Emmanuel Uduaghan (PDP)
Date Created 27 August 1991
Capital Asaba
Area 17,698 km²
Ranked 23rd
1991 Census
2005 estimate
Ranked 9th
 -Per Capita
2007 (estimate)
$16.75 billion
ISO 3166-2 NG-DE
Delta State is a state in Nigeria, typically comprising of the Ijaw, Urhobo, Igbo, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ika, Ukwuani, and other minor ethnic groups. Delta is an oil producing state of Nigeria situated in the region known as the Niger Delta with a polulation of 4098291 (Males: 2674306 Females: 2024085 (see Federal Republic of Nigeria, Official gazette, No. 24, vol. 94, 2007.) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former World Bank Vice President, is from this state, while the State's Governor is Emmanuel Uduaghan, a member of the People's Democratic Party. The capital city is Asaba located at the northern end of the state with an estimated area of 762 sq. km while Warri is economic nerve of the state and also the most populated. The state has a total land area of 16,842 sq. km.


The state borders Edo State, Ondo State , Imo State,Rivers State, Anambra State and Bayelsa State. In the south west and south it has approximately 122 kilometres of coastline bounded by the Bight of Benin on the Atlantic ocean.


Delta State was carved out of the former Bendel State in 1991 The state was created following agitations for the creation of separate distinct states by the Niger Delta and Anioma regions. The then Military President, Gen Ibrahim Babangida created the state using the name "Delta" advanced by Niger Delta region as well as "Asaba" another name advanced by the people of Anioma as the capital of proposed "Anioma state." Delta state was once integrated in the Mid Western state from 1963 to 1976 and later Bendel state, from 1976 to 1991. The name "Bendel" (Ben-Del) meant Benin-Delta to reflect the integration of Benin and Delta province.

Local Government Areas

Delta State is made up of twenty-five Local Government Areas. They are as follows:

Higher Educational Institutions

  • Federal University of Petroleum Resource Effurun
  • Delta State University (Abraka Campus,Oleh Campus,Anwai Campus)
  • Delta state Polytechnic(Otefe-Oghara Campus,Ozoro Campus,Ogwashi-Uku Campus)
  • College of Education(Agbor Campus,Warri Campus)
  • Federal College of Education Technical Asaba
  • College of Physical Education, Mosogar
  • Petroleum Training Institution,Effurun
  • Western Delta University,Oghara
  • Novena University,Ogume


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