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Beltinci (local dial. Böltinci, Hungarian Belatinc or Belatincz) is a town and a municipality in Northeastern Slovenia, located near the river Mura (hence the name) in the region of Prekmurje. The municipality has 8,256 inhabitants. It was a sanjak as "Balatin" which belonged at first Budin Eyalet, later Kanije Eyaleti before Treaty of Carlowitz.

Towns and villages

Beltinci, Lipovci, Bratonci, Dokležovje, Gančani, Ižakovci, Lipa, Melinci


Population by mother tongue, Census 2002

Slovenian 7974
Romany 73
Croatian 49
Albanian 12
Serbian 9
Serbo-Croatian 7
Others 12
Unknown 107

External links

  • Beltinci, official page of municipality (in Slovene)

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