Beith is a town in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

One of its various claims to fame is that a signatory of the American Declaration of Independence, the Rev. John Witherspoon, was a former minister of its parish.

The sixteenth century poet Alexander Montgomerie was born in Hazelhead Castle, which is on the outskirts of Beith.

Dr Henry Faulds, the originator of the forensic use of fingerprinting as a means to identify criminals, was born in Beith in 1843.

It was also home to many world-famous cabinet works, such as Stevenson and Higgins.

The town was once served by two railway stations: Beith North and Beith Town. Both these stations are now closed, with the nearest station now being Glengarnock.

Beith also has its own golf course (the 8th hardest amateur course in Britain), two Beith Parish Churches of the Church of Scotland, 102nd Scout Group, and modern Primary school. The Royal Navy also maintains an armament depot, DM Beith, in the area.

Beith Rocking Stone

The Beith Rocking Stone, weighing 11 tons, sits on top of Cuff Hill. Local Folklore states that the Rock once upon a time rocked from side to side on a balance point.

The Beith Moot Hill

The 'Court Hill' is near Hill of Beith, Gateside, in the Barony of Beith. Dobie states that this is the Moot Hill on which the Abbot of Kilwinning used to administer justice to his vassals & tenants. It is a sub-oval, flat-topped mound, measuring 15.0 by 14.5 metres (49.2 x 47.6 ft) over all, 10.0 by 8.0 metres (32.8 x 26.25 ft) across the top, and high, situated at the foot of a small valley. A number of large stones are visible in the sides of the mound. It is turf-covered, and probably situated on a low outcrop, it is mostly an artificial work. It pre-dates the channelling of the burn which detours around it, the mound was probably isolated in this once marshy outflow of the former Boghall Loch (see NS35SE 14).

The Court Hill gallery

Speir's school

This school stood on the Barmill Road near the old Marshalland Farm. It was built Mrs Margaret Speir of the Marshalland and Cuff estate in 1887 to commemorate John Speir, her son, who had died at the tender age of 28. The school started as a fee paying day and boarding school, becoming part of the county education system in 1937. Following the construction of Garnock Academy, Speir's school closed in 1973 and the buildings were demolished in 1984.

The 16 acres of woodland and gardens remain a popular site for dog walkers, bird watchers, and those out to enjoy the rural surroundings.

Spier's School grounds gallery 2007 - 2008


William Fulton Love, writer and bank agent in Beith, built this small estate near Gateside in the 19th-century although the deeds go back to the 17th-century. Geilsland is a special school, run by the Church of Scotland.. It is separated from the Speir's school grounds by the Geilsland Road.

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