Beit Awwa

Beit Awwa

Beit Awwa (بيت عوّا) is a Palestinian town in the Hebron Governorate in the southern West Bank, located 22 kilometers west of Hebron and 4 kilometers west of Dura. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Beit Awwa had a population of 8,350 inhabitants in mid-year 2006. Its total land area is 470 dunams, 30% of it lands before 1948; due to the town's proximity Green Line hundreds of dunams are a part of modern-day Israel.

The two prominent clans of Beit Awwa are Salam and Sewiti. The latter migrated to the area from ar-Ramtha, Jordan.

After the 1967 six day war Beit Awwa was completely destroyed. Moshe Dayan claimed the destruction was carried out under the orders of an officer who wished to expel the residents, Brigadier General Uzi Narkis claimed the credit for the action.


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