Beecroft Primary School

Beecroft Primary School

Motto In Knowledge We Grow
Established 1897
School type Government, Public
Principal Jennie Ryan
Location Beecroft, New South Wales
School colours Blue and White
Grades Kinder- Year 6
Contacts Phone +61 2 9484-8844 Fax +61 2 9484-8200
Website Beecroft Primary Homepage

Beecroft public School is a public school located in Beecroft, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was Established in 1897. It provides education to children from the Beecroft and Cheltenham area of North Western Sydney. The Principal is Mrs Jennie Ryan.

Opportunity Classes

Beecroft has two Oppportunity Classes drawing gifted and talented children from all over the region. To be offered a place a student must pass a strict exam. Beecroft often has ten or more people who get into this class.

The School Houses

  • The school has four houses: Lawson (blue), Mackellar (green), Paterson (yellow), and Kendall (red). These are named after famous significant Australian poets.


Beecroft Public School has three primary carnivals: swimming, athletics and cross country. All students are encouraged to participate in these events, winning house points which contribute to the overall score of their house at the end of the carnival.

Beecroft Primary school has FOUR houses. Kendall, Mackellar, Paterson and Lawson.

Here at Beecroft Public school, we love having our sports carnivals. The last carnival that was held this year (2008) was the Athletics carnvial. It was a fun carnival and so many Beecroft students took part. The winner of that carnival was Mackellar.

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