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Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek is a reality television series on The CW. It has been advertised as "The Ultimate Social Experiment" and is produced by Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg and Nick Santora.

The premise of the show consists of a group of "Beauties" (young women who have relied primarily on their looks and are intellectually inept) and a group of "Geeks" (young men who have relied primarily on intellect and are socially inept) who are paired up to compete as couples for a shared $250,000 and other prizes. (For the fourth season, the producers modified the formula to include an extra team consisting of a male "beauty" and a female "geek". For the fifth season, the beauties and geeks competed against each other at first, and teams of one beauty and one geek were not selected until the end of episode three.) Each beauty lives together in a room with her geek during the course of the competition. There are challenges shown each episode, one testing the beauties on a primarily academic subject, and another that has the geeks competing in a more popular/social realm. The winners of the challenges select a total of two teams to compete against each other in a pure "quiz show" type question and answer session, with the team getting the fewest number of questions correct being eliminated.

By the end of the competition, many of the contestants say that they have learned much about interacting with people from a different social group (and positive lessons about the character of people from that group), positive things about themselves and their own character, and often something about human nature in general.

The theme song, "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" by the Pet Shop Boys (originally released in 1985), is used also on the British and Belgian-Dutch versions. Commercial promos for the show featured a different theme song, "The Geeks Get the Girls" by American Hi-Fi.

Following the second season, the American version moved to The CW Television Network, the new network formed when both The WB and UPN ceased operations in September 2006. The two-hour season premiere for the third season aired Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. EST on The CW. The fourth season premiered on September 18, making BATG the first series to premiere for the CW for the 2007-08 television season. Beauty and the Geek was renewed for a fifth season, which premiered on March 12, 2008.

The fifth season will be the final one until enough time has passed to make the format seem fresh again or if producers come up with a new twist to the format.

Season 1


The Beauties The Geeks
Cheryl Tenbush
"Cocktail Waitress"
"Computer Programmer"
Erika Rumsey
"Life-Sized Barbie Doll"
"Has never been on a date"
Krystal Tini
"NBA Dancer"
"Mensa Member"
Lauren Bergfeld
"Lingerie Model"
"Vice President, 'Dukes of Hazzard' Fan Club"
Scarlet Garcia
"Beer Spokesmodel"
Shawn Bakken
"Assistant Boy Scout Master"
Mindi Emanuel
"Sorority Girl"
Richard Rubin
"Never Kissed a Girl"1
Caitilin Stoller
"Aspiring Fashion Expert"
"Medical Student: Functional Neurology"
Richard's title evolved throughout the show as he kissed Krystal, Lauren and Mindi over the show's course, hence being at first "Has never kissed a girl", then "Has kissed one/two/three girl(s)"

Challenges & Eliminations

Week Beauty Challenge (Winner) Geek Challenge (Winner) Eliminated Survived Elimination
1 Fifth Grade Knowledge (Mindi) Dancing Competition (Richard) Cheryl & Eric Erika & Joe
2 Car Repair (Caitilin) Massage (Chuck) Erika & Joe Krystal & Brad
3 Rocket Science (Caitilin) Women's Fashion (Shawn) Krystal & Brad Mindi & Richard
4 Math (Lauren) Get Girls' Phone Numbers (Chuck) Lauren & Bill Mindi & Richard
Outdoor Challenge (Caitilin & Chuck)
Scarlet & Shawn Mindi & Richard
How much do you know about your partner (Caitilin & Chuck)
Mindi & Richard Caitilin & Chuck
Caitilin & Chuck

Season 2


The Beauties The Geeks Notes
Amanda Horan
Brandon Blankenship
"Assistant Neurobiologist"
Amanda's original partner: Chris
Brandon's original partner: Tristin
(changed after Week 1)
Brittany Knott
"Tanning Salon Administrator"
Joe Block
"Speed Chess Champion"
Cher Tenbush
"Beer Spokesmodel"
"Museum Critic"
Danielle Gonzalez
"Cocktail Waitress"
"Dungeon Master"
Jennipher Johnson
"Camp Counselor"
Ankur Mehta
"MIT Graduate"
Sarah Coleman
"Dental Assistant"
"Tracks Monkeys With Lasers"
Thais Soares
Tyson Mao
"Rubik's Cube Record Holder"
Tristin Clow
"Cocktail Waitress/Shot Girl"
"Has Only Kissed One Girl"
Tristin's original partner: Brandon
Chris's original partner: Amanda
(changed after Week 1)

Note: Original partners Chris and Amanda won the first week's quiz challenge and were given the power to switch the partner of one team with another team or they themselves can switch partners. They choose the latter and broke up the team of Brandon and Tristin.

Challenges & Eliminations

Week Beauty Challenge (Winner) Geek Challenge (Winner) Eliminated Survived Elimination
1 Quiz (Amanda & Chris) No eliminations
2 Public Speaking (Cher) Karaoke (Tyson) Amanda & Brandon Tristin & Chris
3 Assemble a computer and burn a song (Cher) Interior Decorating (Joe) Thais & Tyson Tristin & Chris
4 Makeover for the Geeks Speed dating (Wes) Tristin & Chris Cher & Josh
5 Strip poker (Brittany) Party planning (Josh) Danielle & Karl Jennipher & Ankur
6 Frumpy flirting (Jennipher) Fashion photography (Joe) Sarah & Wes Cher & Josh
7 Navigation (Cher) Shopping (Josh) Jennipher & Ankur Brittany & Joe
8 How their partners think (Cher & Josh) Brittany & Joe Cher & Josh
Winners Cher & Josh

Note: Winning Beauty Cher Tenbush and Geek Wes Wilson were actually dating each other during the run of the show.

Season 3


The Beauties The Geeks
Megan Hauserman
"Playboy Model"
Alan ("Scooter")
"Harvard Graduate"
Cecille Gahr
"Bikini Model"
Nate Dern
"Singer: Star Wars Band"
Jennylee Berns
"U.F.C. Ring Girl"
Niels Hoven
"Had A Perfect S.A.T. Score"
Nadia Underwood
"Sorority Girl"
"Owns 25,000 Comics"
Erin Gipson
"Voice Teacher"
Andrea Ciliberti
"Beauty Pageant Queen"
"M.I.T. Graduate"
Sheree Swanson
"Former Hooters Waitress"
"Has Only Kissed One Girl"
Tori Elmore

Challenges & Eliminations

Week Beauty Challenge (Winner) Geek Challenge (Winner) Eliminated Survived Elimination
1 (Part 1) Library Search (Cecille) Social Challenge (Nate)
1 (Part 2) News Interview (Sheree) Stand-up Comedy (Nate) Tori & Sanjay Erin & Drew
2 Museum Tour Guiding (Nadia) Model Quiz (Mario) Sheree & Piao Andrea & Matt
3 Geek Makeover & Charity Auction (Jennylee & Niels) Andrea & Matt Cecille & Nate
4 Beach Escape Challenge (Cecille) Fitness Instructor (Scooter) Erin & Drew Jennylee & Niels
5 Building a Doghouse (Megan) Collecting Phone Numbers (Nate) Nadia & Mario Jennylee & Niels
6 Ranch Duties Challenge (Megan & Scooter) Jennylee & Niels Cecille & Nate
7 Who Changed the Most (decided by previously eliminated contestants) (Megan & Scooter) Cecille & Nate Megan & Scooter
Winners Megan & Scooter

All previously eliminated contestants were brought back to spend one more night in the mansion and to assess which of the final two teams had undergone the most personal change. Their votes on this question would determine the winner of the $250,000 grand prize. The majority of the contestants were torn between wanting Nate to win, and his partner, Cecille, to lose. Nate, believing that winning would only reinforce Cecille's behavior, asked contestants to vote against him. This led to Megan and Scooter winning 7 to 2.

Note: Jennylee admitted having a crush on Nate, and by Episode 5 they had kissed. After Jennylee and Niels were eliminated, Nate snuck out of the mansion to say goodbye to Jennylee.

Season 4

Season 4 featured several changes and was by far the most controversial one. One male beauty is paired with one female geek, but the rest of the pairs remained the same way (i.e. a male geek and a female beauty). The season was also extended from 8/9 episodes to 13, featuring a recap on week 7 and the cast growing from eight pairs to ten. This was also the first season to have a pair voted out (Natalie and John on week 8) instead of eliminated through a quiz, which sparked some controversy, much like Sam's previous experience in show business, despite the fact that many other beauties had some previous acting experience as well. In episode 6 the geeks have their make-overs


The Beauties The Geeks
Amanda Hanshaw
"Aspiring Playboy Model"
Tony Tran
"Medical student"
Erin Schneider
Jesse Yeary
"Lives with parents"
Hollie Winnard
"Professional Betty Boop"
Josh Bishop-Moser
"Rubberband Club President"
Jasmine Moore
David Olsen
Jennifer Carter
"Cigar Model"
William McDonald
"Server, Online gamer"
Katie Roberson
"Sorority Girl"
Luke Neyer
"Robotics Engineer"
Natalie Reeves
"Ultimate Hooters Girl"
"Perfect 5.0 at MIT"
Rebecca Nichols
"Cocktail Waitress"
Will Frank
"Software Engineer"
Shalandra "Shay" Cham
"Beauty Pageant Queen"
Joshua Green
Sam Horrigan
"Club Promoter"
Nicole Morgan

Challenges & Eliminations

Week Beauty Challenge (Winner) Geek Challenge (Winner) Eliminated Survived Elimination
1 Intellectual Skills Analysis (lowest score wins) (Shay) Social Skills Analysis (lowest score wins) (Joshua) No eliminations
2 Debating (Sam) Rap Off (Will) Amanda & Tony Natalie & John
3 Anatomy Body Paint (Rebecca) Romantic Picnic Basket (Will) Hollie & Josh Erin & Jesse
4 Rocket Building (Sam) Massage Skills (Jesse) Rebecca & Will Jen & William
5 Teaching 3rd Graders (Shay) Prom King or Queen (John) Katie & Luke Sam & Nicole
6 Comic-Con Superhero Challenge (Sam & Nicole) Erin & Jesse Natalie & John
8 Mayan Glyph Memorization (Sam) Salsa Dancing (David) Natalie & John 1 Shay & Joshua / Jen & William1
9 Zoology/Insect Challenge (Sam) Flair Bartending Challenge (David) Shay & Joshua Jen & William
10 Wine Challenge (Jasmine & David) Jen & William Sam & Nicole
11 America decides the winner Sam & Nicole2 David & Jasmine2
Winners David & Jasmine
There was no elimination room finale; instead, the two challenge-winning teams selected a team to eliminate directly. In the final episode on December 4, 2007, Jasmine and David won the $250,000. For the first time, the show's winner was decided by America's votes, four months after the taping of the first 12 episodes. This season was taped during the summer, due to the prominence of Comic-Con International on one episode.

Season 5

Season 5 premiered on March 11, 2008 taking over the timeslot of Reaper. For the first three episodes, the beauties competed as a group against the team of geeks. The remaining beauties and geeks then paired off to compete against the other pairs, as in previous seasons.


The Beauties The Geeks
"Runway Model"
John English
"Child Genius"
Jillian Beyor
"Playboy Cyber Club Model"
Jonathan Prater
"Mama’s Boy"
"One Tough Mama"
Jim Babcock
"Video Game Programmer"
"Aspiring Soap Star"
Chris Follett
"MIT Oceanographer"
Tara McComas
"Daisy Dukes Hostess"
"Cowboy" Joe Cortez
Assignment Desk Editor
Randi Ferrera
"The Navy Diva"
"Greggy" Gregory Paul Soriano
"Self-Proclaimed ‘Gaysian’"
Kristina Savenok
"Daddy’s Girl"
Jason Prager
"One Buff Geek"
Leticia Cline
"Extreme Sports Model"
Matt Carter
"The Poet"
Amanda Corey
"Hawaiian Tropic Model"
Tommy Severo
"Sweater Vest Enthusiast"

Note: John, Amber and Jillian were all eliminated before the teams paired. Jonathan was left without a partner and was therefore eliminated.

Challenges & Eliminations

Week Challenge (Winner) Eliminated Survived Elimination
Beauties Geeks

1 Getting Phone Numbers (Beauties) John Chris, Joe, Jonathan, Tommy
2 Talent Show (Geeks) Amber Amanda, Jillian, Kristina, Randi
3 Flag Football Game (Beauties) Jillian1, Jonathan2 Chris1, All Geeks except Jonathan2
4 Science Fair (Cara) Love Hotline (Tommy) Tiffany & Jim Leticia & Matt
5 Geek Makeover & Soap Opera Challenge (Leticia & Matt) No Elimination3
6 Garbage Math (Kristina) Geek Firefighter (Tommy) Randi & Greggy Tara & Joe
7 Building a Sled (Amanda & Tommy) Kristina & Jason Leticia & Matt, Cara & Chris, Tara & Joe4
8 Plumbing (Leticia) Geeky Girls' Makeovers (Chris) Tara & Joe Amanda & Tommy
9.1 How Well Do You Know Your Partner Leticia & Matt Amanda & Tommy, Cara & Chris
9.2 Former Cast Members Hunt in LA (Amanda & Tommy) Cara & Chris Amanda & Tommy
Winners Tommy & Amanda
For this challenge, one member of each team was to temporarily join the opposing team. It was then revealed that if the team lost their new member would be automatically eliminated.

The remaining beauties were asked to pair up with a geek. Tara, the last beauty, chose Joe, eliminating Jonathan since he was left with no partner.

After winning the challenge, Leticia & Matt were given the right to pick one team to go with them at the world premiere of Prom Night and chose Randi and Greg. The four remaining teams had to send one team to elimination for the next week and had chosen Tara and Joe after a geek drag fashion show contest.

Instead of elimination trivia, each losing team cast a vote for another team to be eliminated. Since the teams all had one vote, Tommy and Amanda picked Kristina and Jason as a tie breaker, sending them home.


Seasonal rankings (based on average total estimated viewers per episode) of Beauty and the Geek on The WB and The CW:

Season Timeslot Season Premiere TV Season Rank # Viewers
(in millions)
1st Wednesday 9/8C June 1, 2005 Summer 2005 N/A N/A
2nd Thursday 9/8C January 12, 2006 Mid-Season 2006 123 4.2
3rd Wednesday 8/7C January 3, 2007 Mid-Season 2007 127 4.0
4th Tuesday 8/7C September 18, 2007 Fall 2007 133 3.3
5th Tuesday 8/7C March 11, 2008 Mid-Season 2008 TBA 1.8 (Through 4/8/08)

International versions

  • A Finnish version of the show, Kaunotar ja nörtti (The Beauty and The Nerd) started at September 4, 2005 on MTV3. The show was filmed in Estonia.
  • A Bulgarian version of the show started at October 3, 2005 on bTV.
  • On February 7, 2006 a British version of the show debuted on E4. Although there is no host, voiceovers are provided by David Mitchell.
  • A Norwegian version will start on Norwegian TV3 in March 2006. It has been given the name Prinsessen og Professoren (The Princess and the Professor).
  • In Denmark, the original American show is aired with Danish subtitles.
  • In France, the original American show is aired with French dubbing on NRJ12.
  • An Italian version started on Italia 1 in September 2006, called La pupa e il secchione (The Doll and the Nerd), hitting ratings records for the channel.
  • An Estonian version also started on Estonian TV3 in September 2006 called Kaunitar ja geenius (The Beauty and the Genius)
  • A Colombian version debuted on Canal Caracol in May 2006, called La Bella y el Nerdo (The Beauty and The Nerd).
  • A Portuguese version started March 2007, called A Bela e o Mestre (The Beauty and the Master). The "master" word was used because there is no word in Portuguese that has the same meaning as geek.
  • A Russian version has aired on REN TV, called Красавицы и Умники (Beauties and Smarties)
  • A new version of the show is now set to debut on TF1 in France under the title Bimbo et Intello, however recent reports claim it will not be aired anytime soon, and other one in Mexico under the title La Bella y el Nerd which is being transmitted by TV Azteca now. The first episode of Turkish Show TV's Güzel ve Dahi (The Beauty and The Genius) was aired on July 7 2007.But after some public pressure against showing unintelligent contestant girls, the producers had to cancel the show.
  • In Belgium and the Netherlands, a Dutch version of the show is produced by VTM and RTL 5. The first season aired late 2006 and a second season aired in September 2007. The Dutch version is called Beauty & de Nerd.
  • A Spanish version, broadcasted by Telecinco, was called Nadie es Perfecto (No-one is Perfect), and it was a failure.
  • In Israel, a Hebrew version of the show, produced by Abott Reif Hemeiri, began airing on July 23, 2008 on Israel 10. The casting was done with the temporary title היפה והגאון ("The beauty and the genius"), while the final title was היפה והחנון ("The beauty and the geek").


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