Beats by DRE

Beats By the Pound

Beats By the Pound, now known as the The Medicine Men, is a four-man Southern rap remix and production team.

It consists of the former in-house production team for Master P's No Limit Records, as well as some new artists, and was responsible for the production of the majority of the releases from No Limit. This includes the production of songs by Mystikal, Master P and Montell Jordan. The group is headed by the producer KLC and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since leaving No Limit Records, the group operates under the company Overdose Entertainment.


KLC/The Drummajor

KLC - Born Craig s. Lawson (New Orleans,LA) is a producer. He's usually produces the rowdy soldier songs. The beat to the rowdy anthem "Bout It, Bout It," was accidental. KLC's one-year old daughter, Crashan, started messing with his equipment and KLC realized the beat she added was what he was looking for. He made his debut rap on Mia X's "Mama's Family," off of Unladylike. His most notable songs produced are :" Bout It,Bout It"& remix, "No Limit Soldiers," "Make Em Say Ugh,"You Got It" & "Down 4 my niggaz". He is credited for producing songs for B.G, T.I., David Banner, Bun B, Ludacris and Paul Wall.

Mo B. Dick/Ruh

Mo B. Dick - Born Dick Dasterly or Raymond E. Poole now know as Ruhi Anubis Yazid (Morgan City, LA) Mo B Dick is known by his fans and colleagues as the "beatsmith" and or "hooksmith" for No Limit Records and is co-founder of Beats By The Pound. He is also the cousin of the rap mogul and former No Limit CEO, Master P. He released his first no limit single off the I'm Bout It soundtrack, with a song called "That Thing is on". He sings the chorus of songs like "Goodbye to my Homeys", "Mr.Ice Cream Man", "Gangstafied" and "pop goes my 9". His first solo song was on Mean Green Presents and is called "Tell Me When". His first solo CD, "Gangsta Harmony", was released in April, 1999. This CD was the first ever solo No Limit CD that was strictly R&B. He released a second album called Perverted XXXcursions -2007 on his myspace page.

Craig B

Craig B - Born Craig Brazile (New Orleans,LA) Craig B is a member of no limit's hit producing team Beats By The Pound. He has been producing music, especially no limit music, for the last decade. The most famous song with his beats in them are "The Party Don't Stop", and "It Ain't My Fault & remix.


O'Dell - Born O'Dell Vickers Jr.(New Orleans,LA) is a Louisiana musician. He sings on many Beats By the Pound albums; such as C-murder, Master P, and Mia X.


Carlos - Born Carlos Stephens (New Orleans,LA) was the only member of Beats By The Pound who stayed with No Limit after the others left. C-Los. produced No Limit with songs such as "Heat" by Skull Duggery, "Ghost in the Dark" by Ghetto Commission, "Watch Yo Enemies" by C-Murder, and others. In early 2002 Carlos left No Limit to start his new record label; Flame Entertainment.


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