Beşikdüzü is a town and district of Trabzon Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Governor of Beşikdüzü is Eyüp Sabri Kartal.


The name Beşikdüzü is composed of two Turkish words, namely beşik, "a cradle" and düzü, "a plain". There is a mountain may be strato volcano called Beşikdağ 1 km. south of city and there is a plain area north of this mountain next to the Black Sea coast. And the city is situated on this are so the name given to it for this reason. One of the 20 village institutes was established in Beşikdüzü.

Current situation

The city centre is a new built city with a history of about 100 years. It was a local market for the surrounding villages and developed as a city by education government and trade facilities. Now it is the third most populated district of Trabzon province. The district of Beşikdüzü has 25 villages with population of 18,000 and the city centre has a population of 29,000 people.


The district is a mountainous area as well as the rest of the Trabzon province. But there are suitable plain areas at the seaside for building new parts of the city development. The city is on the Black Sea coast and there is an harbour 2 km west. The area of the district is 121 km².


Agasar river is the longest river of the district. It passes across the city centre. There are three big bridges on it. Kurbağalıdere river is the eastern border with Vakfıkebir district, Değirmendere river comes from the forest region and the situated at the western part of district.

Climate and vegetation

The district has subtropical climate. All the year rainy and cloudy weather prevails. The winters are not cold and the summers are warm. The hottest temperature 22°C and the coldest is 6°C. Humidity is around %65-70. Because of this rainy and humid weather all the area is covered by forests and hazelnut trees. One can never see an empty area except for the houses and the roads.


Arable area is 6,195 hectares in the district, the forests comprise 1,141 hectares, meadows 750 hectares and 23 hectares unproductive area.

hazelnut 3640 ha tea plantations 146 ha corn 750 ha potato 305 ha oranges 37 ha kiwi 4 ha bean 100 ha food plantations 400 ha other vegetables 100 ha


  • The neighborhoods of the district are Beşikdüzü, Türkeli (Oğuz) and Yeşilköy (Abdallı).
  • The quarters of Beşikdüzü town are Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Fatih Mahallesi, Beşikdağ Mahallesi, Nefsişarlı Mahallesi, Adacık Mahallesi, Vardallı Mahallesi and Çeşmeönü Mahallesi (Yobol).
  • The villages of the district are as follows:

Ağaçlı (Kancuma), Akkese, Aksaklı, Anbarlı, Ardıçatak, Bayırköy, Bozlu, Çakırlı, Çıtlaklı, Dağlıca (Meopliya), Denizli, Dolanlı, Duygulu, Gürgenli (Kadahor), Hünerli (Kefli), Kalegüney, Korkuthan, Kutluca (Huplu), Resullü, Sayvancık (İstil), Seyitahmet, Şahmelik, Takazlı, Yenicami and Zemberek.

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