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Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Bauman MSTU (Московский государственный технический университет им. Н. Э. Баумана (МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана)), sometimes colloquially referred to as the Bauman School or Baumanka (Ба́уманка) is a public university located in Moscow, Russia. Bauman MSTU is one of the oldest and largest Russian technical university offering B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in various engineering fields and applied sciences.

University Today

Founded in 1830 as an Emperor's Vocational School and located almost in the heart of Russia's capital, Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman (MSTU) was always known as an Engineering University of educational excellence, having a potential for real greatness. A long-term history of University provides many examples of creating a number of the world-known scientific schools which contributed to developing in different fields such as space engineering, heating engineering, biophysics, aerodynamics, radio physics, radio electronics, optics, laser technology, dynamics and strength of machines. The University has an outstanding faculty of 3500 men and women, many of whom are recognized for their scholarship. It numbers 350 Doctors of Science and 1800 Ph.D.s. Presently there are approximately 18000 students, concentrating their studies in science and engineering, and 1000 post graduates, working on their Ph.D. thesises at MSTU. The most-stated reason for them to enter here was the University's academic reputation. The University provides close co-operation activities with Russian Academy of Sciences and Industry. Opportunities offered by MSTU attracted more than 300 international students from 20 countries all over the world. According to MSTU curriculum, its academic offerings are: bachelor's degree programs, master's programs, Ph.D. programs, pre-University programs, and internship. All training programs meet state educational standards and carry national accreditation. Graduates of all degrees earn appropriate certificates. MSTU curriculum offers a distinctive approach to education by combining the academic studies with fundamental and applied researches and design and experimental works, using a potential of appropriate Research Institutes set up for each Faculty of the University. The oldest Russian Technical University, one of to-day's leading centers of higher education invites you to study and offers a mutually advantageous cooperation in many fields of science and technology. From 1918 to 2007 more than 140,000 students graduated with different engineering degrees. Most of them chose to become scientists or engineers in the leading research centers, Universities, private and government owned companies. Some of the specialized departments of BMSTU are located outside Moscow in cities of Moscow County: Krasnogorsk (Russian: Красногорск), Reutov (Russian: Реутов), Korolev (Russian: Королёв). There is also a largest branch of the University in Kaluga (Russian: Калуга).


The university was established in 1830 as Imperial Vocational School (Ремесленное училище, Remeslennoe Uchilische) by a decree of Emperor Nicholas I. It was renamed in 1868 as Imperial Moscow Technical School, then after the 1917 revolution to Moscow Highest Technical School (MHTS). A number of research institutes such as TsAGI was created from laboratories and departments of MHTS in 1930. The remaining school was named Bauman Moscow Mechanical and Machine Construction Institute. The name MHTS was revived in 1943. The current name was given in 1989.

Faculties and their Departments

    • Bioengineering and Medical Equipment and Systems;
    • Opto-Electronic Equipment and Systems;
    • Radioelectronic Systems.
    • Applied mathematics.
    • Applied physics.
    • Manufacturing Engineering;
    • Machine Tools;
    • Casting Technology and Equipment;
    • Metal Pressing and Forging Engineering and Equipment;
    • Welding Technology and Equipment;
    • Advanced Processing Machines and Technology;
    • Material Science in Mechanical Engineering;
    • Metallurgical Machines and Equipment;
    • Metrology and Metrological Provision;
    • Electrical Engineering.
    • Rocket Engineering;
    • Automatic Systems and Robot Engineering;
    • Space Vehicles and Acceleration Blocks;
    • Flight Dynamics and Movement Control;
    • Caterpillar and Wheel Vehicles;
    • Design and Manufacturing of Composite Material Articles.
    • Rocket Engines;
    • Low Temperature Physics and Engineering (Cryogenics);
    • Combustion Engines;
    • Turbomachinery;
    • Vacuum and Compressor Facilities of Physical Units;
    • Hydraulic Machinery, Drives and Controls;
    • Electronic Engines, Plasma Power Plants and Technology;
    • Physical Power Plants;
    • Nontraditional and Renewable Energy Sources;
    • Environment Protecting and Rational Utilization of Natural Resources;
    • Safety of Vital Activity.
    • Dynamics and Strength of Machines;
    • Lifting-, Transport-, Construction Machines, Road Vehicles and Equipment;
    • Automation of Manufacturing Processes; Robots and Robotics;
    • CAD/CAE Systems.
    • Automatic Control Systems for Flight Vehicles;
    • Gyroscopic Instruments and Systems for Orientation,Navigation and Stabilization;
    • Information and Measuring Equipment and Technology; Radioelectronic Equipment Design and Technology;
    • Computer Systems, Complexes and Networks;
    • Automatic Information Processing and Control Systems;
    • Software for Computers and Automation Systems;
    • Computer Design and Technology.
    • Economics and Management at Enterprises
  • Biomedical Technology
  • Social and Human Sciences
  • Information Security
  • Military Education
  • Jurisprudence

Special Facuties

  • Radiotechnology
  • Rocket and Space Technology
  • Opitico-electronic Equipment
  • Instrument Engineering
  • Air and Space

Famous Faculty and Alumni

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