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Batman: Son of the Demon

Batman: Son of the Demon was a graphic novel by Jerry Bingham and Mike W. Barr published in 1987 by DC Comics.

It was somewhat considered to be a retroactive Elseworlds story due to several criticisms, most notably in character, until it was announced that Grant Morrison would be following up the events of the story in 2006, in the 4-issue story "Batman & Son".


The story centers on the eco-terrorist and head of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul aiding Batman in his quest to solve the murder of one of Gotham City's most prominent scientists. Ra's al Ghul and Batman turn out to be searching for the same man, the terrorist known as Qayin. Qayin is a rogue assassin who had murdered Ra's Al Ghul's wife, mother to his favorite daughter and heir-apparent, Talia. Batman has shared a stormy, on-again, off-again romance with Talia for many years, despite his ideological conflict with Ra's. During the course of the story line, Batman has time to properly romance and marry Talia (the service is performed by Ra's). Talia soon becomes pregnant, and the prospect of a family has a profound effect on Batman's demeanor, making him more risk-adverse and softening his typically grim outlook. Batman is nearly killed protecting the recently pregnant (and still very dangerous in her own right) Talia from an attack by the assassin's agents. Observing Batman's dangerous and overly protective behavior, Talia resolves that she cannot allow him to continue to act in such a manner, as he will almost certainly be killed. To that end, Talia claims to have miscarried. Crushed by the news, Batman returns to his typically grim disposition, and he and Talia agree to have the marriage dissolved. Batman returns to Gotham, never knowing Talia is still carrying his child.

The child, a boy, is born and left with an orphanage, and soon adopted by a western couple. The only hint of his impressive heritage is a jewel encrusted necklace, a gift Bruce gave to Talia just before Qayin attacked Ra's HQ.

Critical reaction

IGN Comics ranked Batman: Son of the Demon #7 on a list of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels, calling it "the best Ra's story ever told" and "one of the most well-paced action tales you'll ever read.


When asked about the fate of Ibn al Xu'ffasch, Batman group editor Dennis O'Neil stated the story was not canonical due to the events of Zero Hour. However, Batman & Son, a story arc written by Grant Morrison, starting in Batman #655 (July 26, 2006), follows up on Son of the Demon by using the idea of Batman's son once more. Still, the whole plot from that novel is ignored because Talia kept the baby and the way he was conceived is quite different from Barr´s story. Grant Morrison stated in an interview with Wizard that he had made some mistakes with the continuity on account of not reading the story prior to writing, but used the events of Superboy Prime's 'reality punching' in Infinite Crisis as an excuse for the errors.


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