[bah-stee-uh; Fr. ba-stya]
Bastia, city (1990 pop. 38,728), Haute-Corse dept., NE Corsica, France, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the island's largest city and chief commercial center. Famous for its wines, it has a thriving export industry and a variety of light manufactures. Founded (14th cent.) as a fort by the Genoese, it was the capital of Corsica until 1791. Its citadel (16th-17th cent.) and its many 18th-century buildings are tourist attractions.

Bastia (French & Corsican: Bastia), is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica. It is the capital of the department. Bastia is also an important Corsican port and is famous for its wines.


Situated in the northeast of Corsica, at the base of Cap Corse, Bastia is the principal port of the island and its principal commercial town. The average annual temperature is about 15.3 °C, and there are usually five days of freezing weather per year. The wind in Bastia is frequent and violent, and the annual rainfall is copious (more than 700 mm). However, there are about 340 days of sunshine per year.


Before the occupation of Corsica by the Genoese, Cardo was a large city. Around the city were little villages where the fishermen of Cardo lived. This little port was called Porto Cardo, which means "the port of Cardo."

The Genoese felt the need for shelter from the sea storms and began to construct, in the time of governor Leonello Lomellini, in 1380, a bastiglia, also known as a stronghold or citadel.

With time, the bastiglia (Bastia) became more prosperous and important than Cardo.

Bastia was the capital of Corsica until 1791.


The census of 1999 gives the figure of 39,016 inhabitants, an increase of .01% since 1990. Ten percent of the population consists of foreigners. The unemployment rate is very high, 20% in 2004.

Monuments and places of interest

  • The Museum of Corsica


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Bastia's sister city is Erding, in Bavaria, Germany

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