Basic Theology

Basic Theology

Basic Theology (1986, 1999) is a Systematic Theology book written by Christian author Charles Caldwell Ryrie and published by Moody Publishers. Written for the layman, the book makes a conscious effort to use simple language and examples, many illustrations, and few footnotes

Basic Theology is written from a theologically conservative perspective. It assumes and gives evidence for a number of presuppositions, including the inerrancy of Scripture, a normal/plain interpretation of scripture, and the legitimacy of proof texts. Ryrie's theology stems from an objective approach to Scripture, arguing that "when objective authority is supplemented, compromised, or abandoned, theism will be weakened or even relinquished.


The following list summarizes the topics covered by Basic Theology:

  • Prolegomena
    • Concepts and Definitions
    • Some Presuppositions
    • The Question of Authority
  • The Living and True God
    • The Knowledge of God
    • The Revelation of God
    • The Perfunctions of God
    • The Names of God
    • The Triunity of God
  • The Bible: God-Breathed
    • Special Revelation
    • The Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration
    • Defections from the Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration
    • The Inerrancy of the Bible
    • Inerrancy and the Teachings of Christ
    • Problem Passages
    • The Canon
    • Interpretation of the Bible
  • Angels: Ministering Spirits
    • The Existence of Angels
    • The Creation of Angels
    • The Nature of Angels
    • The Organization of the Angels
    • The Ministry of Angels
  • Our Adversary the Devil
    • The Reality of Satan
    • The Creation and Sin of Satan
    • The Activities of Satan
    • Satan's World
  • Demons: Unclean Spirits
    • The Reality of Demons
    • What are Demons Like?
    • What Do Demons Do?
  • Man: The Image of God
    • Evolution and Origins
    • The Creation of Man
    • The Facets of Man
    • The Fall of Man
  • Sin
    • The Biblical Concept of Sin
    • Christ's Teaching Concerning Sin
    • The Inheritance of Sin
    • The Imputation of Sin
    • Personal Sins
    • The Christian and Sin
  • Jesus Christ Our Lord
    • The Preincarnate Christ
    • The Incarnation of Christ
    • The Person of Christ Incarnate
    • Christ: Prophet, Priest and King
    • The Self-Emptying of Christ
    • The Sinlessness of Christ
    • The Resurrection and Ascension of Christ
    • The Post-Ascension Ministries of Christ
  • So Great a Salvation
    • Some Introductory Considerations
    • The Biblical Terminology
    • The Passion of Christ
    • The Meaning of the Death of Christ
    • Some Results of Salvation
    • Theories of the Atonement
    • The Doctrine of Election
    • the Extent of the Atonement
    • The Application of Salvation
    • The Security of the Believer
    • What Is the Gospel?
  • The Holy Spirit
    • Who Is the Holy Spirit?
    • The Holy spirit in Old Testament Times
    • The Holy Spirit in the Life of Our Lord
    • The Spirit Indwelling
    • The Spirit Sealing
    • The Spirit Baptizing
    • The Spirit Gifting
    • The Spirit Filling
    • Other Ministries of the Spirit
    • History of the Doctrine of the Spirit
  • "I will Build My Church"
    • What Is the Church?
    • The Distinctiveness of the Church
    • Principles and/or Pattern?
    • Types of Church Government
    • Qualified Leadership for the Church
    • Ordinances for the Church
    • The Worship of the Church
    • Other Ministries of the church
  • Things To Come
    • Introduction to Eschatology
    • A Survey of Postmillennialism
    • A Survey of Amillennialism
    • A Survey of Premillennialism
    • God's Covenant with Abraham
    • God's Covenant with David
    • An Outline of Future Events
    • The Tribulation Period
    • The Rapture of the Church
    • The Pretribulational Rapture View
    • Populating the Millennial Kingdom
    • The Midtribulational Rapture View
    • The Posttribulational Rapture View
    • The Millennium
    • Future Judgements
    • Resurrection and Eternal Destiny
  • Central Passages
    • Some Central Passages for the Study of Theology
  • Definitions
    • Some Definitions for the Study of Theology
  • Indices
    • Index of Scripture
    • Index of Subjects


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Ryrie, Charles Caldwell (1999). Basic theology: a popular systematic guide to understanding biblical truth. Chicago: Moody Press.

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