Bartica is a town in Guyana on the left bank of the Essequibo River in Region 7, at the confluence of the Mazaruni and Cuyuni Rivers with the Essequibo. Considered the "Gateway to the Interior", the town has a population of about 15,000 and is the launching point for people who work in the bush mining gold and diamonds.


Bartica developed from an Anglican missionary settlement, established in 1842. The name 'Bartica' comes from an Amerindian word meaning 'red earth', abundant in the area.

In the town

Bartica has a secondary school and two primary schools, St. Anthony's Primary and St. John-the-Baptist. There are several other primary schools in the surrounding riverine communities.

The region 7 hospital is located in Bartica and is known for having implemented the country’s first Health Information System in 2005, developed by Peace Corps volunteers Geoffrey Thompson and Jason Knueppel.

To reach Bartica one can take a speed boat or a ferry from Parika.

Just to the north of Bartica lie the remains of the Dutch fort Kyk-Over-Al, former government seat for the County of Essequibo. Bartica is also close to Marshall Falls.

There are several hotels in the town including Platinum Inn, The New Modern Hotel, Balkarran's Guest House (D factor to D interior), and Zen's Plaza. There is also a thriving nightclub located in the Modern Hotel building. Several Brazilians live in Bartica, so one can find Brazilian Restaurants and Bars. There are several restaurants as well as an active nightlife. There are also several resorts around the Bartica area including Baganara, Shanklands, Whitewater and a Guesthouse in Byderabo.

During the Easter weekend every year, Bartica hosts the Bartica Regatta, a growing variety of entertaining holiday activities including water sports (featuring mostly speed boats), cricket, boxing, soccer, talent shows, a street parade, and a Miss Bartica Regatta Pageant. The Regatta attracts people from all parts of Guyana and even from other countries. There is also a summer Regatta, which is held annually in August.

Ivor Mendonca, a West Indian cricketeer was born in Bartica.


On the 17th of February 2008 Bartica was attacked by Rondell Rawlins' heavily-armed gang. Twelve people, including three policemen, were shot dead as the gang terrorized the town. The Bartica Police Station was overrun by the gunmen during the rampage and several business places robbed during the hour-long mayhem. The gang and attack is believed to linked to the Lusignan Massacre three weeks earlier.

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