Bari alphabet

Bari alphabet

The Bari alphabet as used by Sudan Bari and Kuku people writing the Bari language is based upon the Latin alphabet, adding some letters from the International Phonetic Alphabet:

Bari alphabet
Uppercase A B 'B D 'D E G J I Y 'Y K L M N Ŋ Ny O Ö P R S T U W
Lowercase a b 'b d 'd e g j i y 'y k l m n ŋ ny o ö p r s t u w
Bari does not use c, f, h, q, v, x and z. There are four digraphs 'B, 'D, 'Y and Ny.
Bari special characters
Uppercase Ŋ Ö
Lowercase ŋ ö
Alternatives ng o
Uppercase Unicode (hexadecimal) 014A

Lowercase Unicode (hexadecimal) 014B

Unicode Character Code Chart Latin Extended A


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  • Bari Language, Sudan Primer: Sillabari Ko Kutuk Na Bari. The Catholic Press Institute. Juba, Sudan.
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