Barents Sea

Outlying portion of the Arctic Ocean. Named for the Dutch explorer Willem Barents, it is bounded by the Norwegian and northwestern Russian mainland (south), the Norwegian Sea and Svalbard (west), Franz Josef Land (north), and the Kara Sea and Novaya Zemlya (east). It is 800 mi (1,300 km) long and 650 mi (1,050 km) wide and covers 542,000 sq mi (1,405,000 sq km). Its average depth is 750 ft (229 m), with a maximum depth of 2,000 ft (600 m) in the major Bear Island Trench.

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Barents may refer to:

  • Willem Barents, a Dutch navigator and explorer
  • Barents Sea, a part of the Arctic Ocean north of Norway and Russia, named after Willem Barents
  • Barents Region, along the coast of the Barents Sea
  • Barentsøya, an island in the Svalbard archipelago, part of Norway

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