Banister Fletcher

Banister Fletcher

Sir Banister Flight Fletcher (February 15, 1866, LondonAugust 17, 1953, London) was an English architect and architectural historian, as was his father, also named Banister Fletcher.

With his father, he co-authored the first edition of A History of Architecture [A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method. London: Athlone Press, University of London, 1896- [issued serially], first single-volume edition, London: B.T. Batsford and New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1897], now in its twentieth edition (ISBN 0-7506-2267-9)

  • "A thundering classic appears again with useful additions. As Sir Banister Fletcher said, 'The study of architecture opens up the enjoyment of buildings with an appreciation of their purpose, meaning, and charm.' These words aptly summarise what this book has become for generations of students and architects. No serious fan of architecture should be without it."
    American Institute of Architects.
  • "..the whole point of Banister Fletcher is that it does cram everything into a single volume. It will remain one of the most thumbed tomes in Building Design's office library...above all, gloriously and frustratingly, invaluable."
    Building Design, October 1996

He was architect of the Gillette factory on the Great West Road, in Brentford, Middlesex, of the Great Hall at Kings College School, Wimbledon, and of Abbess Grange, Leckford, Hampshire.

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