Banha: see Benha, Egypt.
Banha (also spelled Benha) (بنها) is a city in northeastern Egypt, also the capital of the Qalyubia Governorate. Egyptians call it Banha Elasal which means "Benha of honey". It is located 48 km (30 mins) north of Cairo. Banha is located on the east bank of the Damietta Branch of the Nile River in the rich farmland of the southern part of the river's delta. Well-irrigated by canals leading off the Delta Barrage, a dam 30 km (20 min) upstream, the surrounding farmland produces wheat and long-staple cotton. Since ancient times, Banha has been known for the production of attar of roses, an ingredient in perfume. Today it is the center of Egypt's electronics industry. Banha is a major junction in the rail network that radiates north from Cairo and it has the 6th biggest train station in Egypt.

The north of Banha is the site of one of several ancient cities called Athribis, the capital of the tenth nome (province) of Lower Egypt in about 1500 BC. The site has never been systematically investigated by archaeologists. Over the years, peasants digging in the area have uncovered a large hoard of silver. About 20 km (12 mi) southwest of Banha is Tall al Yahudiya, the site of Leontopolis, famed for its glazed tiles in ancient times. Population is around 2,479,347. (2005) and Total Area is 16,105 Km2 .

Also there is Benha University which was a branch of Zagazig university , Established in November/1976 and then become stand alone university in 2005 with many collages and Undergraduates 60,500 students , but the most important is Benha Faculty of Medicine which in fact mange the 2 main hospitals in benha Banha University.

Notable natives

Benha is famous for producing many famous Egyptian people. For example:

Ahmed Helmy, he is a famous actor, graduated from Benha University, he is from Downtown Benha, he is widely known by his comic movies such as " Alnazer, 55Esaaf, Mido Mashkel, Zaki Shan, Zarf Tarek, Keda Reda".



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