Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse, 1840-1914, American anthropologist and historian, b. Bern, Switzerland. He was a disciple of Lewis Henry Morgan. An expert on Spanish colonial documents dealing with the Native American civilizations, Bandalier translated many of these into English. He went on to undertake pioneering ethnographic and archaeological research in the American Southwest and the central Andes, laying the foundation for anthropological research in these areas. He is well known for his popular books The Delight Makers (1890, repr. 1954) and The Gilded Man (1893).

Archaeological area, north-central New Mexico, U.S. Lying along the Rio Grande 20 mi (32 km) northwest of Santa Fe, it was established in 1916. It occupies an area of 51 sq mi (132 sq km) and was named for Adolph Bandelier, a Swiss-American archaeologist. The monument contains many cliff and open-pueblo ruins of pre-Columbian Indians (mostly 13th-century) in Frijoles Canyon. Stone sculptures and man-made caves have also been unearthed.

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