Balobo, or Ba Lobbo, was the son of Massina Empire ruler Amadu Seku, and brother of Amadu Amadu, the Empire's last king.

After the 1862 fall of the Empire's capital Hamdullahi to El Hadj Umar Tall's Toucouleur Empire, Amadu Amadu was captured and executed, leaving Balobo the leader of remaining Massina forces. Assembling a force of Fulas and Kountas, Balobo succeeded in driving Umar Tall from Hamdullahi and into the cliffs of Dogon country near Bandiagara in 1864. Though Umar Tall died there in an explosion of his gunpowder reserves, his nephew Tidiani Tall succeeded him as Toucouleur emperor, and suppressed Balobo's resistance; the Massina never regained their independence as a state.

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