Balmer crater

Balmer (crater)

Balmer is the lava-flooded remains of a lunar crater. Only the heavily worn southern and eastern sections of the crater still survive; the remainder being overlaid by a lava flow that joins to the nearby mare. Balmer lies to the east-southeast of the crater Vendelinus.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Balmer.

Balmer Latitude Longitude Diameter
M 20.7° S 71.5° E 5 km
N 19.9° S 69.9° E 8 km
P 20.4° S 67.7° E 13 km
Q 18.7° S 70.5° E 7 km
R 18.7° S 69.1° E 4 km
S 18.4° S 67.6° E 6 km


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