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Ballarat and Clarendon College

Ballarat and Clarendon College is an independent, co-educational, day and boarding school, located in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Formerly affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Australia, it is now a school of the Uniting Church and a member of the Ballarat Associated Schools.

The school currently has 1200 students from the ELC (Early Learning Centre) to Year 12.


Ballarat College commenced on Wednesday 6 July 1864 at the church of the Presbyterian Rev William Henderson, in Sturt Street Ballarat. Clarendon Presbyterian Ladies' College was established by Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy, wife of the Rev Robert Kennedy in 1876. The two schools had many years of cooperative connections through their history and merged to become Ballarat and Clarendon College in 1974. Since the two schools merged there have been many changes to the school physically and spiritually. Ballarat and Clarendon College is now a school of the uniting Church and students have a weekly service.

Laptop Computer Program

In 1995 Ballarat and Clarendon College started a laptop computer program.

Students starting Year 7 in 1995 were required to lease or buy a laptop from the schools provider Computerlec. Later the school expanded this program to include students from Year 5.

Students are required to have a supplied laptop computer until Year 9.

Ballarat and Clarendon College has been issuing TOSHIBA Portege Laptops and tablet PC's since the program begun. The most recent laptop is the TOSHIBA Portege M700 Tablet PC. It comes with Windows Vista but that is removed so that Windows XP Tablet PC edition can be installed in order to work with the school's network.

The school uses Wi-Fi technology to provide constant internet access to students. All internet access is filtered.

The students are supplied with Microsoft Office 2003. ...


  • Senior School - Years 10 - 12

Sturt St, Ballarat

  • Middle School - Years 5 - 9

Sturt St, Ballarat

  • King Island Campus - Year 9

Grassy, King Island

  • Junior Campus - Years K - 4

Mair St, Ballarat



The College participates in many sports both within and outside the Ballarat Associated Schools. In recent years there have been successes in Australian Rules Football and Netball. There is a strong competition with the catholic boys St Patrick's College next door (particularly in Football and Soccer), as well as with the coeducational Ballarat Grammar School. Other high profile sports within the school include athletics, basketball, cricket and tennis. Another notable sport participated within the school is Rowing. The rowing program starts at Year 8 and continues through the years. There is a very strong competition with St. Patricks College and Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar School. In 2008 the BCC Girl's First's Crew won the annual Head of the River race at the Barwon river in Geelong and consequently won the Head of the Schoolgirl's competition.

Performing Arts

Alongside the school's reputation for sports and academica, Ballarat and Clarendon College has a very strong Performing Arts curriculum. The school has a free standing building on the East of the senior campus where all aspects of Performing Arts take place, subsequently called, The Performing Arts Centre (PAC). From years 5-9 students take different Performing Arts Classes which rotate each trimester, Music, Dance and Drama. Beside BCC's character of having very dedicated dance and drama students, the College also has one of the strongest school music programs in Ballarat. Students accordingly participate in Music lessons, for;

  • Brass -Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium and Tuba.

  • Woodwind - Flute, Clarinet (+Bass Clarinet), All Saxophone types, Oboe, Recorder and Bassoon.

  • Piano - Piano, Contemporary Piano.

  • Keyboard

  • Guitar - Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar.

  • Strings - Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass.

  • Music Theory

  • Speech Art

  • Singing

and then they may participate in any of the student ensembles at the school. There are,

  • Novice Band,

  • Geoff Smith Jazz Orchestra,

  • Show Band,

  • Stage Band,

  • Celtic Group,

  • Ensemble Nouvou,

  • Intermediate and Senior Strings

and numerous contempory bands.

As well as this, the College puts on an annual Senior School Production, Middle School Production and Junior School Production.

Notable alumni

  • David Haymes - Chairman of Haymes paint
  • Benjamin Northey - Internationally renowned conductor


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