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Cock and ball torture

Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a sexual activity involving torture of the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as wax play, genital spanking, ball busting, genital flogging, genital bondage, urethral play, electrical play, or tickle torture. It may equally consist of the use of cock harnesses, testicle cuffs, parachutes, prolonged stimulation (teasing), metal cages, cock rings, English cages, not necessarily leading to orgasm. Erotic electrostimulation may be used in CBT.

The use of ball bags, ball stretchers, various kinds of chastity devices and the humbler can also be regarded as forms of CBT.

A ball lock may be used for prolonged entrapment, providing an interesting predicament associated with not knowing when padlock will be unfastened, releasing the testicles.

The recipient of said activity receives emotional pleasure via pleasing another. There is also a high level of excitement associated with another focusing so much careful attention on that particularly intimate part of one's anatomy. There may also be social associations regarding controlling said part of the body. The one enacting the activity benefits by enjoying providing such pleasure to the recipient and having that control. Masochists derive pleasure strictly from the level of pain that torture of their genitals provides them. Sadists also derive pleasure not from the recipient's enjoyment of the practice but rather from the pain they cause the recipient to experience.

In pornography

In addition to its occasional role in BDSM pornography, Tamakeri (玉蹴り)(lit. ball kicking) is a whole genre in Japan, a nation with a large CBT community. One notable actress in tamakeri is Erika Nagai.

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