Old Norse mythology recognizes Balder, also spelled as Baldur and Baldr, as the god of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence and reconciliation. Born to the chief god, Odin, and his wife, Frigg, Balder represents a popular figure, beloved by other gods and people alike. Balder marries Nanna, who is the daughter of Nep, and they have son, Forseti, the god of justice. Balder and Nanna resides in a hall called Breidablik, which translates into "broad splendor."

Legends about Balder chiefly concern his death. After Balder dreams of death, his mother asks the other gods to promise they will never harm Balder. All agree, but one, Loki, who arranges for Balder's blind brother to throw mistletoe at him. The mistletoe kills Balder, and his widow, Nanna, also dies of a broken heart. According to the myth, after a final conflict, called Ragnarok, Balder will rise again in the new world.

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