Baildon is a town north of Bradford in Northern England. It is part of the metropolitan borough of Bradford in the metropolitan county of West Yorkshire and within the historic boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Baildon Moor has a number of outcropping gritstones, and there is a stone circle known as Soldier's Trench which is said to date from the Bronze Age, 3000 years ago. There are also numerous Cup & Ring marks, the origins of these are still unknown.

The town is served by Baildon railway station.

Within Baildon there are several sports clubs, run from Baildon Rugby Union Football Club. These include the rugby club itself, along with the cricket and running clubs.


St John

The church of St. John was built in 1848 though the tower was not added until 1928.

St James

This painted tongue and goove timber church, which is now (2008) a Grade II listed building, was moved to Baildon from Great Warley, Essex in 1905. The Revd N R Bailey, rector of Great Warley, had property in Baildon and hoped to retire there. However his obituary was published in Nov 1900 before he retired. In 2007/2008 the church was moved again but only a few yards. This allowed the surrounding land to be sold by the Diocese for development. An underground heat pump system was installed to make the building more eco-friendly and rotten timbers replaced.

Baildon Council

In 1974, following the formation of the Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the Baildon Urban District Council was disbanded.

After collecting the required number of signatures on a petition in 2005, and holding a ballot in 2006, nominations were invited for a Baildon Parish Council. Baildon was split into 6 wards with the potential for 2 councillors in each ward. Baildon East and Baildon West had 3 nominations so elections were held on May 3 2007. Baildon South, Baildon North and Baildon South East each had 2 nominations - no contest. Baildon South West had no nominations. Therefore, on May 14 2007, the Baildon Parish Council was initially formed with 10 Councillors.

Ward Polling District Electors
Total 14071
Nominations. Bold indicates elected. Number in brackets is vote count.
West Ward - Belmont 1A 1,660
Ballot papers 782
Poll 47.11%
Election Derek Ernest Green (344), Peter Hartingdon (Independent) (376) and Roger L'Amie (561)
North Ward - Baildon Moor 1B 2,186 No Contest Mark Nicholas Fisher and Valerie Margaret Townend
East Ward - Jenny Lane 1C 2,367
Ballot papers 857
Poll 36.21%
Election Joanne Marie Crowther (552), George William Everall (Independent) (344) and Paul Richard Marfell (488)
South East Ward - Tong Park 1E & 1F 1,860 No Contest Debbie Davies and Eddie Ward
South Ward - Ferniehurst 1G, 1H & 1J 3,466 No Contest Stephen Albert Heaton and Renee Lancaster
South West Ward - Baildon Green 22A & B 2,532(previous) No Contest No Candidates

List of councillors (sorted by surname)
Name Date Ward Responsibilities/Interests
Denis Colman Co-opted July 2007- South East
Joann Crowther 2007- East Xmas Lights 2008-
Carnival 2008
Debbie Davies 2007- South East Youth Champion 2007-
Mark Fisher 2007- North Chair 2007-2008
Vice Chair 2008-
Peter Hartingdon 2007- West Planning Review Committee 2007- (Chair 2008 -)
Stephen Heaton 2007-July 2008 resigned South Planning Review Committee 2007 - 2008
Roger Lamie 2007 - West Eco warrior 2008 -
Staffing Committee 2007-
Renee Lancaster 2007 - South Baildon in Bloom 2007 -
Rebecca Malekottodjary Co-opted Oct 2007 - South West Staffing Committee 2007-
Paul Marfell 2007 - East Vice-Chair 2007-2008
Chair 2008 -
Planning Review Committee 2007 -
(Chair 2007-2008)
Parish Council Liaison Rep. 2007-
Staffing Committee 2007-
Alan Smith Co-opted Oct 2007 - South West Baildon in Bloom 2007 -
Val Townend 2007 - North
Eddie Ward 2007-May 2008 resigned South East

Harley-Davidson Rally

For nearly a quarter of a century, up until 2003, the August Bank Holiday weekend saw over 500 Harley-Davidson riders arrive in Baildon as part of the annual UK rally of the Harley-Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain - the event raising thousands of pounds for children's charities. The riders came from all over the country, including some from as far off as the Netherlands. In 2004, the HDRCGB decided to switch their regular venue to Wales, so an unofficial rally now takes place each August with over 250 Harley riders deciding to honour their annual pilgrimage to Baildon village, including donations of toys to a local children's hospital. The 2008 rally ended with 430 riders being given their usual police escort down Browgate, from the village, towards Hollins Hill, where most would eventually make their way on to Harewood House.

Famous residents

The late journalist and "Countdown" TV game show presenter Richard Whiteley was a native of Baildon.

Mountaineer Ian Clough was born in Baildon. After he was tragically killed on an expedition to the Himalayan mountain Annapurna in 1970, Ian Clough Hall, a meeting-place and arts venue, was established in Baildon in his memory. In the 1960s, Ian and close friend Chris Bonington were known to have practised their climbing techniques on Baildon Bank - a 1,000ft long, high, ex-quarry rock-face that looks out towards Bradford. In 1962, Ian & Chris were the first Britons to successfully scale the treacherous north-face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps.

Yorkshire and England cricket fast bowler, Matthew Hoggard, though originally from Pudsey, has lived in Baildon for some years. He is also a member of Baildon Cricket Club.

Watford F.C.'s manager Aidy Boothroyd is from Baildon.

Austin Mitchell, Labour MP for Great Grimsby since 1977, was born in Baildon.

Ex-Yorkshire & England cricket captain Brian Close settled in Baildon many years ago. He was born in nearby Rawdon.

Veteran sports television commentator John Helm is from Baildon.

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