Bad Sassendorf

Bad Sassendorf

Bad Sassendorf is a municipality in the district of Soest, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


From February 15th, 1944 to April 4th or 5th 1945 inmates of the Neuengamme concentration camp used as the Eisenbahnbaubrigade 11 repaired rail tracks at the railway station Soest and between Bad Sassendorf and Soest. They slept in freight train waggons on the track between Bad Sassendorf and Soest. After an air raid end-February 1945 the inmates slept in a nearby farm. At the cemetery Bad Sassendorf a memorial plaque is installed on the burying place of the deads.


It is situated approx. 4 km northeast of Soest.

Neighbouring municipalities

Division of the town

Bad Sassendorf consists of 12 districts:

  • Bad Sassendorf
  • Bettinghausen
  • Beusingsen
  • Elfsen
  • Gabrechten
  • Heppen
  • Herringsen
  • Lohne
  • Neuengeseke
  • Opmünden
  • Ostinghausen
  • Weslarn

Twin towns


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