backandtotheleft was a futurepop/synthpop band from Seattle, WA. The most recent lineup consisted of Brandon Jerwa (vocals), Megan "Fritter" Shear (drums), and Robert Wilhelm (keyboards), although all three members contributed equally to songwriting in the studio setting. The band name is often referred to by the acronym BATTL.

In early 2006, original frontman Darren Miller amiably retired from the band, and was replaced soon after by Jerwa. Shortly thereafter, the band broke up entirely and ceased working on new material, although all members still remain friends.


All three original members of BATTL were formerly members of the Seattle based Industrial band Noxious Emotion, along with Michael Wimer, owner of Seattle's ADSR Musicwerks CD store and Independent record label. In addition, Miller played drums for Thee High Council, Tau Factor, and Static Engine; Wilhelm headed bands Fockewolfe and And Christ Wept; and Shear played drums for Two-Bit Terrorists, Nocturne PDX, Sumerland, Sentenced to Life, Agitprop, Written In Ashes, and Omnibox. Jerwa was the lead vocalist and songwriter for Omnibox, and also heads up the band SD6.

Interested in pursuing a more futurepop feel to their music, the three founders of BATTL left Noxious Emotion and spent two years in the studio writing songs for their debut album, Obsolete. Upon completion, the trio enlisted the production skills of Seattle resident Tom Shear, of electronic band Assemblage 23, to produce the album and provide the final mixdown. The album was then shopped to several labels catering to electronic music, but was passed over, despite its high quality and obvious marketability. Instead, Tom Shear agreed to release the album on his own label, 23db Records, where it quickly garnered positive reviews. Strong club and radio play resulted in a near-total sell-out of the initial pressing, and Metropolis Records quickly negotiated to sign BATTL to their own label.

backandtotheleft toured the United States in the Spring of 2005 with Assemblage 23. As of November 2005, they were writing their second album, which would have been the first to feature Jerwa on vocals. At this time, no new material is expected from the band.



  • Obsolete (2004)

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