Back Allegheny Mountain

Back Allegheny Mountain

Back Allegheny Mountain is a long mountain ridge in eastern West Virginia. It is part of the Shavers Fork Mountain Complex in the Allegheny Range of the Appalachians.


BAM runs north to south and east to west and covers a geographic area of . It rises abruptly from the Greenbrier River valley in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, and runs nearly parallel to Cheat Mountain to its west. The mountain reaches its elevational climax of at Bald Knob, north of Snowshoe Ski Resort. The second highest point on the mountain is Hosterman Benchmark West at . Hosterman is approximately north of Bald Knob.

North of U.S. Route 250 west of Durbin, the same structural fold that forms Back Allegheny Mountain continues north as Shavers Mountain for an additional .

Preservation and recreation

Almost the entirety of Back Allegheny Mountain is protected by the Monongahela National Forest. The summit of Bald Knob is owned by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Back Allegheny and other mountains in the area are known for their extensive red spruce forests, as well as other high altitude plants and animals. The whole of Back Allegheny is an environmentally-sensitive area.

Bald Knob is the terminus of the long Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. The railroad carries visitors to an elevation of approximately north of the summit ridge. An overlook platform gives visitors a view of the Greenbrier Valley and, on clear days, a view all the way into Virginia away.

Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort is situated in the bowl shaped convergence of Back Allegheny with Cheat Mountain at the head of Shavers Fork. This area is essentially the southern terminus of both mountains.

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