Babson, Roger Ward, 1875-1967, American businessman and statistician, b. Gloucester, Mass. In 1904 he founded the Babson Statistical Organization, Inc., whose business and financial statistics, published in Babson's Washington Service, are widely sold in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. In 1919 he established Babson Institute (now Babson College), in Massachusetts, and in 1927 he founded Webber College, in Florida. He was the Prohibition party's 1940 presidential candidate, polling 57,812 votes. He was the author of many books on finance and investment, among the best known of which are Business Barometers (1909, 10th ed. 1961), Investment Fundamentals (1930, 4th ed. 1948), and If Inflation Comes (1937).

See his autobiography, Actions and Reactions (1937, rev. ed 1949).

Babson-United, Inc. is the institutional successor to the securities analysis and investment management business founded in 1904 by Roger Babson. Originally organized as The Office of Roger Babson, it was subsequently named Babson's Statistical Organization, Business Statistics Organization, and Babson's Reports. Since 2004, it has operated as a private, family-owned, non-bank holding company, and no longer provides investment news or advice to outside clients.

The firm's original investment report was founded during World War I, and had several incarnations, including United & Babson Investment Report and Babson-United Investment Report. After 80 years of operation, the Report published its final issue on April 16, 2001, after which subscribers were transferred to Standard & Poor's Corp.'s weekly investment publication, The Outlook. In 2002, the firm sold Babson-United Investment Advisors to Boston Advisors, transferring $1.2 billion in assets under management. The firm's Securities Research Co. division, which was the nation's oldest provider of independent stock-charting information, was sold in 2004, as the final prelude to Babson-United's reorganization as a family holding company.

In 1927, the company, then named Babson's Statistical Organization, established radio station WBSO in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. This station eventually developed into WROL, currently broadcasting in the Boston area.

As of May 2007, the firm's Chairman and President is Richard L. Babson.


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