Bub (Father) is an Indian film in Kashmiri language directed by Jyoti Sarup. It released in Jammu on December 1, 2001. It is only the third Kashmiri film to hit the theaters. The one preceding this one, was released 38 years before!

The film is based on the real life incident of the Vandahama tragedy, where a Kashmiri Pundit family was massacred before the Republic day on 26th January.


"Vinod, a 13-year-old, Kashmiri Pandit, is the sole survivor of a terrorist massacre that leaves his entire family and 20 others dead. Shiban Lal, the Divisional Commissioner of Srinagar, is forced to take Vinod home, since the child has no one to look after him. When the government announces a grant of Rs. 10 lakh for the boy's education, an uncle turns up to collect him. The uncle finds a profitable use for Vinod - as a crowd puller during the elections. Tormented by his uncle and aunt, Vinod eventually runs away and lands up at Shiban Lal's house. When Lal talks of legally adopting Vinod, all hell breaks loose at his home, with his wife and children against the idea. Lal regretfully takes Vinod to the Border Security Force's boarding school, so that he can learn to defend himself." - NFDC website


  • K.K. Raina... Shiban Lal
  • Virendra Razdan ... Vinod's uncle
  • Raju Kher... Neighbor
  • Kuber Sarup ... Vinod
  • Yogesh Kilam ... Shiban's younger brother
  • Minakshi Kaul ... Neighbor's daughter



Bub was greeted with a positive response from the media. The Hindu said that the film "describes the pain of a Kashmiri boy who lost his parents" and it also "gives an insight into the various aspects of Kashmiri society, culture". Radio Kashmir praised the performances, saying "Mr. K.K.Raina, whose character runs throughout the movie, has done an excellent job". Praising the newcomer it said, "The young Kuber Sarup, 14 years old, does a very superb restrained part".


the prestigious: National Award - Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration

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