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bNet is a network of university student radio stations in New Zealand. The network is primarily focused on the co-ordination of national advertising sales for the radio stations but also involves the general sharing of ideas and programming between the member stations.

Prior to becoming known as the network was a loose grouping of the university student radio stations (called the Student Radio Network or SRN) from each of the main centres of New Zealand.

Over time the network has grown to include stations not directly operated by a student union and stations operated by student bodies from Polytechnics but has limited itself to one radio station in each geographical area.

Supporting local artists

Besides contributing to local news and current events broadcasting, the B-net has helped provide a format for new or independent NZ artists such as Fat Freddys Drop, Kora, Jordan Reyne,Dimmer,Jet Jaguar,Shocking Pinks and a handful of other underground and electronica acts. Stations

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