The Basic Low Earth Orbit UNSW Experimental Satellite (BLUEsat) project is an engineering project being undertaken by students at the University of New South Wales. It aims to raise awareness of space and give students the opportunity to investigate, design, build and launch a satellite. The project operates without pecuniary interest and is funded by several schools of the Faculty of Engineering. Financial and in-kind sponsorship from external organizations augment the project's limited budget.

The project has several parallels with amateur radio from which it is able to seek and share expertise with. At launch, BLUEsat will join the constellation of amateur satellites orbiting earth, freely available for use by the amateur community.

Current Progress

The team is working on the flatsat, an integration of all the electronic components of the satellite laid out in an accessible manner.

Technical Specifications

  • Low Earth Orbit
  • 250mm cube
  • 2 VHF (145 MHz) receivers
  • 2 UHF (432 MHz) transmitters
  • 6 panels of 14 solar cells
  • 2 battery packs
  • 133 MHz Flight Computer
  • Global Positioning System

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