The BC-654 is a World War II era combination transmitter and receiver that is designed to be used mounted in a vehicle or as a ground (base) station. They have been used for Amateur radio communications as they cover sections of the 80, 75, and 60m bands.

Technical Description

Performance Specifications

  • Transmitter output
    • AM: 17W
    • CW: 24W
  • Receiver Sensitivity: TBS


The Crosley Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio manufactured the SCR-284 field radio, that consists of the BC-654 and support equipment, and which was a mainstay of United States military communications. Beginning in 1943, over eighteen hundred units were built and deployed to the European theater.

In popular culture

  • There was an episode of the Munsters that show Grandpa Munster using a BC-654 as an Amateur radio operator in his ham station.

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General references

  • TM-11-275 — Technical Manual And Operating Instructions For The SCR-284-A Radio Set (BC-654-A Radio Receiver And Transmitter)

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