B'Avarija is a musical band in Lithuania, which was formed in 1996.

They won a lot of awards for best songs. They have made several attempts to win the Lithuanian national finals in order to represent their own country in the Eurovision Song Contest but (to date) each attempt was unsuccessful.

In 2002, they won the finals with their song "We All", however this win had to be disqualified, just over a month later as the song had been released the previous year in Lithuanian, under the title "Mes cia" (We Are Here). Under the rules, a song may not be released before the 1st of January of the year of the relevant contest.

Officials argued that the lyrics were different (as it was in a different language) and therefore a different song, however the EBU rules that the song was not different enough and therefore could not be used in the main Eurovision Song Contest 2002.

It is thought that the Lithuanian broadcasters had not fully understood the rules as a number of the songs competing in the final had also been released earlier. Aivaras, who was second in the national finals, went to the contest for Lithuania instead.


Attempts at Eurovision

  1. 1999 - Nešk mane (Take Me) - Came fouth in the national final
  2. 1999 - Pamiršk (Forget It) - Placing unknown
  3. 2001 - Duok man (Give Me) - Came third in the national final
  4. 2002 - We All - Came first in national final but disqualified afterwards
  5. 2004 - I Know - Came equal fouth place in the national final with Amberlife's song "In Your Eyes"
  6. 2005 - Oceans of Love - Came tenth in the national final
  7. 2006 - If My Dream Came True - Came fifteenth in the national final
  8. In 1999, the band entered two songs (this is not a typing error)
  9. "I know" is also known as "Labai, Labai" in Lithuanian


  • „Naktį ir dieną minutę, kiekvieną“ (1996)
  • „Duok man jėgų“ (1997)
  • „Arti“ (1999)
  • „Mylėk mane“ (2000)
  • „Iš visos širdies“ (2001)
  • „Angelay“ (2003)
  • „Labai“ (2003)
  • Spalvotas“ (2004)
  • „Gazas“ (2005)

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