Aznar II Galíndez


Galíndez is a novel by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, published in 1991 that centres on a real, dramatic and dark episode of Spanish history: the kidnapping, torturing and murdering of Jesús de Galíndez in 1956, representative of the Basque government in the exile before the U.S.A States Department.

The story -being a retelling of the events by a north-American student -

  1. covers very different times and places: from the Basque Country to Manhattan, passing by the Caribbean Islands, and from the '50s until now;
  2. gives place to characters of all different kinds.
  3. reveals many keys to contemporary reality.

The novel was made into a film, called El Misterio Galíndez (literally The Galindez Mystery, but also known as The Galíndez File). The film stars Saffron Burrows and Harvey Keitel.

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