Surat Az-Zalzala (سورة الزلزلة) (The Earthquake) is the 99th sura of the Qur'an with 8 ayat.


This surah begins by saying that on the Day of Judgment, the Earth will give off a terrible, terrible earthquake. Then the Earth will give her tidings because of the inspiration from God.

In this sura the earth opening up and bearing forth her secrets is implied through the birth metaphor. The earth (al-ard) in the feminine gender bears forth or how her lord revealed the final secret to her. Human beings will then realize that the moment of accountability has arrived. This meticulous accountability will reflect ones act of good and evil deed that might have seemed insignificant at the time.

The verses state that all men will be sorted out into groups by their deeds, and they will see everything they have done, even an atom's weight of good or evil.

According to Tafsir ibn Kathir, this surah is equivalent to one fourth of the Quran.


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