Awabel is one of the 105 woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Misraq Gojjam Zone, Awabel is bordered on the south by the Abay River which separates it from the Oromia Region, on the southwest by Baso Liben, on the northwest by Guzamn, on the northeast by Enemay, and on the southeast by Dejen. Towns in Awabel include Amber, Liga, Lumame and Wejel.

Based on figures published by the Central Statistical Agency in 2005, this woreda has an estimated total population of 195,752, of whom 98,962 were males and 96,790 were females; 15,141 or 7.73% of its population are urban dwellers, which is less than the Zone average of 10.7%. With an estimated area of 1,163.15 square kilometers, Awabel has an estimated population density of 168.3 people per square kilometer, which is greater than the Zone average of 166.35.


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