Aviator Sports and Recreation

Aviator Sports and Recreation

Aviator Sports and Recreation is a concession for the National Park Service operating in New York City’s historic first municipal airport, Floyd Bennett Field, which opened its hangars in 1931 and was decommissioned in 1972. Floyd Bennett Field (FBF) in Southeast Brooklyn is now part of the 4th most visited unit of the National Park System: Gateway National Recreation Area. Many of the original airport structures and runways are listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places for their contribution to the nation's early aviation history. In the late 1990’s the National Park Service (NPS) was seeking private partners to help revitalize the field.

Aviator Sports and Recreation and the NPS have established a plan to improve a favorite destination for early pilots such as Amelia Earhart and Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan. Aviator and the NPS officially began their relationship in 2003 to adaptively reuse 4 of FBF's original hangars in the historic district (making them into one building) and surrounding land, creating a sports complex totaling 25 acres.

As a historic site, the NPS has set forth strict guidelines in order to uphold the integrity of the airport hangars that are in use by Aviator Sports and Recreation. Any modifications made to the hangars in are intended to help the NPS deliver a family sports and recreation facility to the community, and adhere to the requirements set forth to preserve the original esthetic structure of the hangars. Aviator Sports and Recreation and the NPS have made a commitment to promote the airport's history to insure that the contributions of Floyd Bennett Field are memorialized for the education of all visitors to Aviator Sports and Recreation.

The New York Sharks of the Independent Women's Football League and the Brooklyn Knights, member of the United Soccer Leagues Premier Development League, began play at Aviator Field beginning in the 2007 season. The Brooklyn Aces will call the Aviator Arena home beginning in November 2008.


The goal of the NPS's relationship with Aviator Sports is to bring a recreational alternative to the typical inner-city playground. This project was developed at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the space and responsibly run sports and recreation programs that allow for people of all ages to participate and enjoy a family friendly, safe environment.{cn} Aviator combines community based sports programming (clinics, camps, leagues, etc.), professional sports exhibitions, national and international tournaments, and special activities in one unique and multi-faceted venue. In addition to providing sports programming, Aviator is investing in youth development and health education via both interactive programs and seminars.


Aviator’s Sports Facilities include:

  • 2 full size, synthetic turf, gated and lit outdoor soccer / lacrosse / football fields
  • 2 NHL regulation size ice rinks – one of which can seat up to 2,500 people
  • of hard wood courts to be used for sports such as basketball, volleyball, team handball, and Futsal as well as for events such as banquets, conferences, and movie screenings.
  • tall by wide rock climbing wall
  • gymnastics and dance training and competition center
  • A membership based fitness center that includes group classes such as Yoga and Pilates.
  • A sports performance center complete with a physical therapy / orthopedic physicians practice and highly skilled trainers for the most competitive of athletes.
  • mezzanine and sports bar that overlook both hockey rinks and the hardwood courts
  • “Main Street” walkway that includes a full service food concessions that feature famous food items from famous eateries from around Brooklyn as well as retail and a media wall.


Aviator Sports and Recreation hosts a diverse array of programs to accommodate a wide range of interests for users of all ages. Their venues support participatory activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, figure skating, recreational ice skating, rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, flag football, and lacrosse.

Strategic Relationships

  • Official consessioner of The National Park Service , servicing Floyd Bennett Field area of Gateway National Recreation Area,
  • Aviator Sports and Recreation has a relationship with a 501(c)(3), which provides opportunities and resources for youth and their families to participate in recreational, educational, and sports based camps, clinics, and leagues.

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